Luxury In The Air – Hot Air Ballooning For The Romantic At Heart

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I dream of flying at least once a week and if given the opportunity to experience flying in any form I will definitely say yes. One of my goals this year is to go in a hot air balloon – I can’t imagine a more memorable way to fly, especially if it is with someone I love.

There is something so fun and carefree about lifting off into the sky while you stand in a large wicker basket – I can imagine that it is quite a freeing experience. The beautiful colours of the balloon are also something that makes this kind of experience even more enticing. There are various places around Cape Town that offer this magical experience, such as Extreme Scene, which does its balloon flights in the Berg River Valley just outside of Paarl and then there is also Life Ballooning, which does its balloon flights just off the R304 by Klein Joostenberg.

I can already picture how beautiful the view would be from so high up. The view of wine lands, Table Mountain, the ocean in the distance – I always enjoy looking at something from a different perspective and having a birds eye-view is something I know I will enjoy and something I will remember forever. Can you imagine the amazing photographs you could take from such a height?

I think that hot air ballooning is really one of the most incredible experiences you can have. A few things you should definitely have with you include champagne and someone you love (and possibly a blanket and definitely a camera) – what a heavenly adventure you will have! The fresh air, flying with the birds, a magnificent view and nothing but blue sky around me is a fantasy that better come true pretty soon!



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