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Should I transfer my property into a trust?
12 MAR 2021

Placing your home in a trust may be an excellent legal strategy. Read on to learn more about the ben...

5 tips for selling your home to a millennial
12 MAR 2021

Millennials are fast becoming major residential property buyers. Here’s how to market your property ...

Serious seller in a buyer’s market? Get the upper hand with a sole mandate
12 MAR 2021

The current residential property market doesn’t have to be hard to navigate as a seller. Here’s how ...

How young buyers can buy their first home in 2021
9 FEB 2021

A residential property can be an excellent investment for life. Here’s how you can access the financ...

Upgrade homes a hotspot in Cape’s Northern Suburbs
9 FEB 2021

There’s plenty of residential property value in Cape Town’s Northern Suburbs - if you know where to ...

Surviving as a landlord in 2021
9 FEB 2021

2021 could be a great recovery year for the rental market - but landlords will need to have a strate...
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