Buying a house in Cape Town – how do you know it’s a solid investment


Buying a home in Cape Town isn’t just a great milestone in your life - it’s a lifestyle decision and long-term investment that could set you up for a comfortable life.

Knowing whether the house you’re interested in buying is a good investment or not could make all the difference - but what should you look for to make sure that you are getting a great Cape Realty property investment?

Check out the neighbourhood

At Cape Realty International Property we believe that choosing the right area can be just as important as finding your dream house - and here’s why.

If you’re not happy with your neighbours, the local schools , shopping and entertainment options you may regret your decision in a few years’ time - and that’s the last thing anyone wants.

Before you buy, take a close look at your requirements:

•    How big is your family?
•    Do you plan to have kids (and if so, how many?)
•    and how much hustle and bustle can you deal with on a daily basis?

When you choose your area, you’ll have to do a bit of mental time traveling. An area that offers awesome nightlife may look incredible if you’re in your 20s or early 30s, but will you still enjoy it in two decades from now?

Catch any structural issues before you buy

Problems with a house’s foundations, electrical and plumbing systems and roof can cause major headaches - and expenses.

Before you sign an offer to purchase it’s worth engaging a building inspector to do an in-depth inspection and written report. You should also make sure that the seller can provide you with these documents:

•    An electrical certificate of compliance (important to note that the electrical compliance certificate doesn’t guarantee that all the appliances and fittings in the house are in good working order)
•    A water installation inspection
•    A beetle infestation certificate
•    If possible, an inspection of the building’s roof and foundations

If there are any maintenance issues that need doing, make it a condition of the sale that the previous owner carries them out. After all, maintaining the property is their responsibility until the sale goes through.

Make sure you feel at home

If you’re not 100% sure whether you’re making the right decision, ask for another viewing and ask probing questions. While you’re at the property, check for any maintenance issues and spend some time in the house.

Viewing a Cape Town property during or just after the winter rains is a great opportunity to spot water problems, leaks and rising damp.

If your concerns are more about where you will put your couch, than how you will fix that leak and you feel totally at home, it may be time to put in that offer.

Cape Realty specialises in property sales and rentals in the Mother City. If you’re ready to find your dream house in Cape town, we’d love you to browse our portfolio of top-quality homes today.

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