Student Accommodation in Cape Town - Buy or rent?


Student Accommodation in Cape Town - Buy or rent?

Cape Town is home to two large tertiary education institutions - UCT and UWC - with a combined student population of more than 45 000.

For student accommodation owners, the large number of students in Cape Town represents a huge market of potential tenants.

If you’re considering a residential property investment, student housing may be the way to go - but it’s essential to know what’s involved.

Creating the perfect space for future leaders to grow

University is an unforgettable experience that shapes the rest of every student’s life.

To make the most of their time at UCT or UWC, students in Cape Town are turning to privately owned accommodation as an alternative to varsity residences.

When you invest in student accommodation, you’ll want to create an environment where students feel relaxed, secure and ready to focus on their studies.

If your property provides them with the spaces they need to socialise and unwind too, you’ll have no shortage of tenants.

Ideal student accommodation should include the following:

  • Comfortable bedrooms with individual locks, preferably with en-suite bathrooms or enough bathrooms to be shared comfortably by students.
  • Desks and study lighting for those all-night cram sessions at exam time.
  • Comfortable common areas (or ‘chill spaces’, as your tenants would say) for socialising and communal dining.
  • Adequate security features to help ensure the safety of your tenants.
  • Added facilities like swimming pools, a TV room, or a gym with basic fitness equipment.
Make sure your student accommodation meets all the local requirements

Before you buy a residential property and convert it into student housing, you’ll want to make sure that the property is zoned for that purpose.

It’s also important to obtain permission from the owners of neighbouring properties before you renovate. This will ensure good relations between your tenants and their neighbours for years to come.

New to the student accommodation game? Let us guide you.
If you’re planning to invest in student accommodation, a good agent is essential.

From securing the right property to managing rent collection and tenant screening, the Cape Realty team has the specialised skills that are needed to support you in your venture.  Contact us today.