Making wise property investments in areas with good schools

PUBLISHED 30 JUN 2019   

The Cape Town property market has seen slower growth recently, with buyers taking their time and waiting for positive political and economic news instead of jumping in to purchase homes.

This trend, which took some of us by surprise after decades of excellent growth, means that property buyers will need to be extra selective about the areas they choose to invest in. But there’s one factor that always bodes well for any residential area: good schools.

Cape Town’s Southern Suburbs: a Property and Educational Haven

A short drive through the tree-lined suburbs south of Cape Town’s CBD will take you on a tour of some of South Africa’s foremost schools and universities.

From Rondebosch Boys and Bishops to Rustenburg Girls and Herschel - and scores more in between - the selection of private and public schools in the region between Rosebank and Constantia is top-class.

Tertiary education is crucially important in South Africa today, with jobs becoming scarcer and well-paid positions requiring a degree from a highly ranked institution.

UCT, which is frequently rated the top university in Africa, draws thousands of the country’s brightest students to its campus in

Properties that are geared toward student accommodation are always in high demand.

A variety of properties to choose from

The Cape Town Southern Suburbs offer buyers the security that comes with knowing that properties in the area are always in high demand - and there are many different types to choose from.

Apartments and small homes are available in the sub-R3 million price range, while larger properties are currently on the market at under R5 million.

The recent slowdown in the residential property market hasn’t dented demand for homes in the Southern Suburbs, but there may be some room to negotiate with sellers and secure a good deal.

If you’d like to take advantage of the current market and invest in a home in Cape Town, contact the Cape Realty team today.

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