Riding out a pandemic storm to ready your home for winter storms



South Africans have been home a lot lately thanks to the global coronavirus pandemic and our essential national lockdown. 

While you maintain social distancing by staying home to save lives, you can also save yourself valuable time and money by seeing to all those maintenance chores that every Cape Town home needs before winter arrives. 

Here’s a quick list of things that you can do to winter-proof your home and keep it looking great. 

All-round cleaning 

Spending time at home really forces you to face up to the mess that’s been lurking there all year - and now is the time to clean it up for good. 

  • Start with the room where you spend the most time. This could be your lounge, TV room or den.
  • Move the furniture, don’t simply clean around it! This will enable you to reach the spaces behind your couches, under your tables and other areas where dirt likes to hide.
  • Deep clean everything. Take down your curtains and wash them - and don’t forget to sprinkle some bicarb on those stubborn carpet stains.

Winter proofing 

The cold months are fast approaching - and that means the Cape winter rains will soon be here. 

Your home will need to be ready to weather the heavy rainfall. 

  • Check your roof for loose, damaged or missing tiles. You may need to get a specialist company to help with this, many of who will have essential service certificates by now.
  • Come clean with your gutters. Clear out all the debris and dead leaves from your gutters as these can cause blockages and an overflow. Check that there are no cracks or sagging joints etc.
  • Seal doors and windows. Make sure your rubber seals haven’t decayed in the sun - and varnish wooden windows and doors before the rains arrive. 

Get that fire crackling 

The autumn months are the ideal time to prepare your winter fireplace. 

  • Clean out the stove, making sure your chimney is clear and free of obstructions, and dry your own sticks for kindling. 
  • If you don’t have a fireplace you may want to dust off and test your heaters to make sure they are in top working order for the cold months ahead and that you have enough gas if you have gas heaters.

Prepare for load shedding

Take stock of your back up lighting and make preparations for the load shedding that is likely to follow the increased demand on the national power grid as industry goes back to work. Shorter daylight hours during winter means more pressure on the grid so check your generator and solar or battery-operated lighting. 

Maintaining your home is a great way to stay busy during the lockdown and the social distancing “stay at home when you can” that will be with us for some time. By doing a few chores each day you’ll make it easy and enjoyable - and you’ll be happy you did when the cold season arrives in earnest. 

Keeping on top of home maintenance means that you keep your house ‘drama free’. By neglecting the little things you stand the risk of higher maintenance costs should you start to consider selling your home. 

The Cape Realty team wishes you a safe month during these uncertain times. Feel free to contact us with any residential property queries you may have. 

ImageCredit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/colley/10602192245