Working from home during lockdown - make your space work for you


Working from home has become the new normal in Cape Town as the Covid-19 pandemic spreads around the world. With lockdown levels set to be in place for some time, it looks likely that home will be the new work place for many, for a while still - but does your home work well as an office?

Lockdown transition: making it work 

Social media is buzzing with stories and images of people creating makeshift desks out of upside-down laundry baskets, working under shady trees in their gardens, and trying to eek out a little workspace in their small modern flats.

If you’re keen to keep your productivity high at home, here are some tips that will put you on the right track.

Set a routine and stick to it 

  • Getting up at the usual time, going through your regular morning routine and changing into something comfortable before starting workcan prime your brain for productivity.
  • With no commute, time will be your friend. Use the extra time that you have each day to do a quick work out or catch up on the latest news. You could even learn a new skill and use this time to study. 
  • Block off enough time to complete your work tasks each day - and leave social media and other communication for later. 
  • Once work is done for the day, close down and perhaps even put a cover over your laptop or workspace so that you are not tempted to work ‘afterhours’!

Used to a dedicated workspace? Make one. 

  • Having a fixed place to do your work can help you beat procrastination and signal that you’re busy to other members of the family. 
  • You can use a dining room table, your favourite couch, or even your patio if the weather is good. 
  • Add a plant or two to your workspace. They are known to help calm the nerves and help with stress – and they look nice too!

Keep it ergonomic

  • Make sure you’re not hunched over your laptop or sitting at a strange angle for long periods of time - it can be hard on the spine. 
  • Your ideal posture should be shoulders back, eyes straight ahead, and both feet on the ground at a 90-degree angle if possible. 

By setting up a workspace in your home and sticking to a professional routine you’ll boost your productivity and be able to focus during lockdown. 

If you are thinking of buying, selling or renting a new space once life gets back to its new ‘norm’, the Cape Realty team are all working remotely and will be on hand to attend to any queries you may have during the lockdown period. 
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