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Understanding Capital Gains Tax as a Homeowner
26 DEC 2021

Selling your Cape Town home could trigger a Capital Gains Tax. Here’s how to figure out the numbers....

Buying a home as a married couple? Here's all you need to know
26 DEC 2021

Ready to buy your first Cape Town home together? Here's how your marriage type could affect your pro...

Switching to Solar. Is it time to go off the grid?
26 DEC 2021

A solar power system will save you money, help you beat load shedding, and boost the value of your C...

Buyers guide to owning your own home
7 NOV 2021

Buying a Cape Town home this year? Here's everything you need to know about the process....

Best Cape Town suburbs for young homeowners
7 NOV 2021

Residential property buyers are still finding great deals in Cape Town. Here are some great areas to...

Can I Withhold My Levy Payments?
7 NOV 2021

Failing to pay your levies can have major repercussions, even if you're in the right. Here's how to ...
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