How to make your home look expensive - on the cheap


Whether you want to spruce up your home before it goes in the market or add some colour and fun touches to a new property, there’s nothing quite like making a few changes to your home’s interior. In today’s challenging times, transforming your home without spending a fortune is as important as a new look.

With the pandemic taking its toll on household budgets, many of us are far stretched to afford major alterations. The good news is that you can radically transform the appearance of any residential property by breaking down the main elements to make a few simple changes to the interior. 

Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can transform your living space on a budget. 

Enhance your entertainment areas 

If you’re a big entertainer you’re probably keen to give your lounge, dining area and braai area a makeover this year. 

Starting with rooms like these where you entertain guests is always a good idea when you change your interior design. Your lounge for example is one of the first rooms that guests will see and gives an insight into your style. More intimate spaces like your bedrooms can always be modified in your next round of redecorating.

Use scale, texture and focal points to turn heads

You can create a totally different look and feel in any room without undertaking major structural changes. Stick to the classics if you are going to splurge on any one item, and use rich colours, luxurious textures and large room features to create a feeling of luxury without breaking the bank.

  • Use floor to ceiling drapes. A dramatic set of long curtains can create the impression of space and volume in any room, especially if they come in an eye-catching colour like deep red. Hang the curtain rods closer to the ceiling to achieve a visual sense of luxury.

  • Large artworks create focal points and give off a Wow factor. A large painting will take centre stage in your room and is a great talking point for visitors.

  • Invest in quality furnishings. High-quality furniture adds a dimension of style to any room and can be reupholstered over the years to give your living space a new look or allow you to keep up with changing trends. You may also want to opt for classic designs that will stay fresh and relevant for decades to come.

  • Light it all up. Replace old overhead lights with statement lighting to create focal points and consider adding extra light sources to give depth and ambience.

Create a budget for the different areas of your home and take the time to do them gradually rather than rushing to do them up all at once and cutting corners. 

First impressions count

Make your entrance area a focal point with a new paint colour on the front door and a set of planters. Add a new rug and some beautiful flowers to welcome your guests. Give your guest cloakroom a burst of personality by using wallpaper on a feature wall then add some coordinating containers for soap and towels. 

Be creative, use your imagination and take your time to shop around at second-hand stores and even flea markets. In this way you make some great savings, and the end result is often more satisfying.

If you’re in the market to buy or sell a Cape Town home, your interior design efforts could pay off in the form of an excellent sale price. Contact the Cape Realty 
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