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Buying a Cape Town home is always a good investment and it's one that makes sense at virtually every stage of your life. Whether you're a young professional starting out on an exciting career or a retired couple seeking a leisurely coastal life, the Mother City has plenty to offer when it comes to residential property.

Let's take a look at the different stages in your home buying life and find out what type of properties and buying strategies are ideal choices for buyers of various ages. 

Buying your first home
Graduating from university and landing a great job or starting a successful small business is a major milestone in life - and buying a house is one of the best ways of celebrating this success. 

  • Your first home doesn't have to be your dream home. Investing early and affordably is a great way to become a property owner and that means choosing a home you can afford in your 20s or 30s. 

  • Apartments and smaller townhouses are excellent choices for young professional buyers and first-time bond applicants. 

  • It's also a good idea to pay down your student debt and save up a 10 to 20% deposit which will make your monthly bond payments more manageable. 

  • As newlyweds, SARS would need to be informed of your new marital status particularly if one or both parties already own a home. It’s worth noting that there are capital gains tax implications on the disposal of assets.

Starting a family: expanding the nest

A small stylish apartment may be perfect for a single person or newlywed couple but once kids arrive on the scene you need to upgrade to a property that has plenty of space for toys, and a garden where your son - or daughter - can catch their first rugby ball. 

  • Upgrading your home at a time when having children puts extra pressure on your budget can be tricky, but with the right estate agent you can find excellent deals on a spacious and affordable Cape Town home. 

  • After a few years of working and saving, you should be in a better financial position to afford a larger property - especially if your sell your previous home at a profit. 

Retirement: reaping the rewards of a hard-working life

If you're ready to downsize and enjoy your golden years, the Mother City could be the ideal place to live. 

  • A small secure property, preferably near the beach, is an ideal place to spend the free time in leisure that you've worked so hard to afford.

  • Many retired people will be selling their existing homes, often with no bonds to pay down. This presents an opportunity to invest in a retirement property that ticks all your boxes and offers some well-deserved luxury. 

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